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Poblano Picasso Burger – Bob’s Burgers – Vegan Burger Recipe – Plant Based Home Chef Jeremiah

Hi everyone, welcome back to Living Better TV where I show you how to eat better and live better through healthier ingredients and healthier habits. I’m Jeremiah, your friend and I’m here to benefit you.

There is something special about making a homemade recipe from scratch. I’m excited to share this time with you all. I’m also glad that you all will get the chance to share in this experience. Today, I will be adding a new recipe I’ve been working on. The next recipe in Bob’s Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers is the Fifth recipe Poblano Picasso Burger. This is a tasty delicious healthy burger that really harnesses the spicy salsa from the jalapeno pepper and poblano pepper. Pablo Picasso himself would indulge in this work of art.

I did substitute the burger to be vegan (I like Beyond Meat). Watch this video to learn more about how you can make this fun recipe and burger in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are binging, or looking to enjoy a delicious burger you can enjoy this healthy burger for dinner.

This is more than a Bob’s Burgers Burger Book Review, it’s a Test Kitchen, it’s Delish, it’s DIY, and Its Good Times with Bobs Burgers cookbook recipes. Whether you are a foodie or not you can be a home chef.

I was not paid by Bob’s Burgers nor do I have any affiliation with Bob’s Burger’s. This is a fun cooking series I have created to share with my audience.
Butter – 1 TBS.
Onion, white – 1
Poblano Pepper – 1
Jalapeno Pepper – 1
Burger Buns
Tomato – 1
Lettuce, green leaf – 2 Leaves
Burger (Beyond Meat Vegan Burger)

Begin by slicing up the peppers and onion. Cook the peppers and onion in some oil and then blend them in a food processor to make a salsa. Cook the burgers to your desired temperature +165 degrees topping with salt, pepper and cheese. Slice up tomatoes and lettuce. Layer your burger with salsa, burger and cheese, tomato and lettuce.
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Thermometer –
Pink Himalayan Salt, 2lbs –
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My Synopsis:

I’m Jeremiah and I have been managing food, beverage and retail companies for over 20 years. Out of high school I completed an associates degree in theater, followed by a brief stint in Food & Beverage Management. I am now completing a degree in Health & Wellness Coaching with a minor in Sustainability.

I’ve learned a lot about health & wellness and the challenges in getting healthy, and staying healthy. I follow a plant based diet and a gluten-free diet as much as possible. It is important to know exactly what I eat in a day. There are a lot of people that don’t know that being healthy is more than the food you eat.

Health & Wellness is comprised of 6 key fundamentals: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual. The harsh reality is that some people just don’t know what to do. Without proper education, people will turn to what is easy for them or what they already know. I’m here to help provide new sustainable information to help you live a better life by providing tips to achieving balance in the 6 fundamentals of health & wellness.

Thank you and come back soon!
~Your friend with food benefits. Jeremiah Vielleux. #whatitasted.
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