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Curry Puffs or epok-epok in Malay, is a Singaporean as well as popular ASEAN snack.
It’s basically a miniature pie filled with curry in a baked pastry shell usually in the shape of a semi-circle.
Fillings are classically chicken curry with potato, but also come in variants like sardines, tuna curry or even chili crab filling.

Built in 1975 to accommodate the hawkers at the very popular Jalan Sultan street market and even though it’s near the centre of town, Golden Mile Hawker Centre it’s not near an MRT station. Lavender MRT is the nearest but it’s a good 15 minutes away.
While it has no problems attracting a daily crowd of office workers in the area, the hawkers by and large, put in that extra effort to attract customers to their stall beyond the immediate area. That means that you won’t get the same old predictable fare that you get in every other food court or hawker centre.

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