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I had the great privilege to meet and interview former White House chef, John Moeller. After sharing his experiences among serving three United States presidents (George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, & George W. Bush) from 1992-2005, I’m convinced that I will invite him over to my house regularly to be my personal chef.

Watch this interview carefully and learn how John started from a modest background to becoming a 5-star chef. There are plenty of diamond nuggets in this masterpiece. You’ll also see a wonderful cooking demonstration at the end!

:33 – How John became a White House Chef
5:12 – His favorite memories of the White House
6:11 – John’s Advice for New Entrepreneurs
11:40 – His Journey to becoming a Published Author
12:33 – Balancing Professional vs. Personal Pressures
14:10 – Challenges while working at The White House
17:44 – The Importance of Communication Skills
18:38 – How to Deal with Failure
21:18 – How does one become Committed?
23:32 – How to Deal with Ego
27:27 – John’s #1 Secret to Success
31:15 – Cooking Demo Bonus!

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