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How to cook Raw Banana and Climbing perch fish curry by Santali tribe village style prepared by Santali tribal grandmothers. This recipe is very very healthy and very very tasty. Both grandmothers are very expert [More]
Primitive Life: Smart Girl’s Unique Fishing Catch Big Fish To Survive – Cooking Delicious Fish #PrimitiveTechnology #PrimitiveCookingKT #SurvivalSkills #CookingFish
Today in our village, we cook 30 KG Squid fishes to make a delicious Tawa style Squid fry recipe. We use Curry Leaves as the main ingredients because it gives a delicious taste and smells [More]
Hi everyone. Today I cook fish frying lemongrass stalk. Hope you enjoy. Thank you. More yummy cooking: Yummy Dragon Fruit Dessert – Pick Dragon Fruit For Dessert – Cooking With Sros https://youtu.be/j5DfW3Xpu8c Yummy Durian Cream [More]
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Hi everyone. Today I want you to enjoy with tasty crispy fish frying. All the best, I do hope your life would be along with good thing and taste the food for your beautiful life. [More]
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