Roll Cut Kulfi Ingredients Swtich on the Flame and Take a Kadhai n add 1 lit – Full Fat Milk ( Remove 1/2 Cup ) Boil Properly Take a Small Bowl n add Removed 1/2 [More]
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The world has a lot of most tasty pulao recipes with different names like Chana Mewa Pulao, Zaiqa Chawal, and more. Today we cook Pakistan’s special Beef Chana Mewa Pulao recipe using mutton instead of [More]
Happy Holi everyone! 🙂 Rich, refreshing, healthy, and super easy-to-make, this Thandai recipe is the perfect drink for the festive occasion of Holi. This version of Thandai is a popular Holi drink and is quite [More]
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Holi is a few days away and the best thing about this festival is the food. And, Holi is incomplete without Thandai. Don’t you agree? So here is a #ThandaiMasala recipe that takes no time [More]
ANDA GHOTALA | अण्डा घोटाला – Are you a Tawa style street food lover? Then this recipe is definitely for you! #AndaGhotala #MumbaiStreetFood #RanveerBrar ********* Buy utensils, kitchen accessories and appliances used in this video [More]
Want to try something new and quick? Here is an easy peasy egg sandwich with some cheese and a twist! 🧀🍳 Super simple and perfect ‘Egg and Cheese Sandwich’ recipe for your weekend! Egg recipes [More]
full recipe: Music: vegetarian chow mein recipe | veg chowmein | vegetable chow mein noodles recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a classical lip-smacking indian street food recipe made with thin rice [More]
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