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Traditional semolina recipe
this classic dessert at first to be made and wait for warmth
there is a long preparation and cooking time there can be 3 hours to make
supported by bricks and preparing a cooker
in the middle there is an iron to hold the pot
After being filled with barbecue charcoal the soil is added in the middle
such a method is used to lower the temperature
the coals burn a little and the copper pot is added
Up to 15 liters of butter is added for 30 kilograms of semolina
this butter will be boiled and prepared for use in other dishes
30 kilograms of semolina are added and stirred.
mixing process is done in 3 – 4 person order, we have to cooperate and cooperate in making halva
the tap water is not used for halva sherbet. attention is paid to non-chlorine-free water
100 liters of water added to the pot Add some 50 kilograms of sugar after a little warming
for about 3 hours for semolina baking and frying
small peanuts to be used for halva
4 kilograms of pine nuts added
50 kilograms of powdered sugar is added to the heated water to prepare the sherbet
When the sherbet reaches the boiling point the semolina must be red, it is important to adjust the timing well
When semolina is red and when it is in soup consistency, sherbet is added
5 people will lift this load and return because the syrup needs to be added quickly
boiling syrup and semolina are combined and then expected to boil
When halva is ready, it takes 6 people to download 200 kilos of material from the quarry.
halva is sheltered in a cool place with a cloth covered

Traditional meat bean recipe
 30 kilograms of beans are soaked with cold water one night in advance
15 kilograms of boiled meat will boil for 3 hours
to use a deep and wide pan
filled with water till half of the pot
the beans are removed from the water, drained and added into the warmed water
 6 kilograms of onion will be sliced ​​thinly
4 kilograms of chopped green pepper
10 kilograms of tomato cubes to be chopped
lamb tail fat and some sunflower oil
chopped onion into the oil and cook for 30 minutes
10 kilograms of tomato paste to be added
you need to get foam on the surface after it boils
chopped pepper added
3 hours cooked meat is added
prepared tail fat onion and tomato paste added
 chopped tomatoes added
after the salt is added, it will wait indoors for rest
meat and chickpea wedding rice recipe
50 kilograms of cow meat to be used
meats cooked for 4 hours
to be used for rice and other dishes, butter to be boiled and toasted
butter is filtered into another container after frying
Preheated chickpeas for rice will boil for 4 hours
the onion to be used for rice is chopped finely and long
salt is added and scrubbed to make the bitter water of the finely chopped onion come out
black pepper is added
you need to get foam on top of boiling meats
if the meat is cooked then it is removed from boiling water
the meat is thinly separated and prepared
the meat to be added into the rice is prepared in this way
Salt is added to brine
a little chopped onion is added to the bottom part
plenty of meat added
boiled chickpeas are added
wet and drained rice added
the meat to be used for rice is drained with a thin cloth
normal water is added to lighten the meat slightly
pilaf salt added
thin branches should be used for fast boiling of rice pilaf
cold fire is added and boiling water is added
butter is added on it and it is expected to boil
rest after taking the rice water
prepared a floor like this for the rice to stay warm
will wait until it is served without any mixing

Yogurt soup recipe with Turkish name plateau soup
Add 20 kilograms of yoghurt and mix with cold water
10 kilograms of pre-soaked rice boiled in hot water are added
30 egg yolks are added into the yogurt
Add 500 grams of flour and stir
add the mixture to the filter and make sure it is in a smooth consistency
some lemon salt is added
yogurt mixture is added to the boiling boiler, it is necessary to add slowly and stirring
I need to mix it up to boil
meat juice is added to fill the pot
mint soaked with cold water was added
butter added and ready for service
butter pepper and meat juice are prepared to add to the soup while serving it

lamb closing recipe
the back of the lamb and the legs are washed and prepared
lambs are added into plain water
a few onions are added and completely covered with aluminium foil
it is not closed with foil when closing, you will see the actual closing process in the last part
To cook this way for up to 3 hours
the lambs are close to the cook,
 bulgur pilaf to be served next to
liquid sunflower oil
a little onion
boiled chickpeas
added bulgur
lamb meat cooked, now closing
the lambs are covered with a large sheet of iron over them
charcoal is added
this process will be ready in about 15 minutes to roast the meats
and the result is spectacular
this meal will go now as it was ordered from somewhere else
 I believe that those who eat this food will be happy