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Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game continues with us making some quite unusual recipes, from a curious meatball dish to a somewhat obscure selection of meat tartare options. What’s even weirder is that seem to be quite popular!

We also meet some new reputation goals which gives us access to some new tables and even more new kitchen equipment. Whilst the tables aren’t up to much, the new kitchen equipment is definitely worth it so we go on a little upgrading spree.

Customers keep on rolling in, in fact we have to turn some away at the door because we simply don’t have room, but people are becoming a little unhappy at our prices.

NOTE: This is the Early Access version of the game!


Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game can be found here:


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Chef allows you to personally don a kitchen apron and embark on an exciting career in the wild world of professional cooking. Starting with nothing but pocket change, a small restaurant, and an ambitious dream, you’ll ascend from the life of a humble cook to that of a world-famous chef.

Nothing will prevent you from deciding how to climb to the top of the food chain. Prepare yourself for a true sandbox experience in which all your management choices matter as you build your gastronomic empire. What will it be? A steakhouse? A vegan paradise? A pasta palace? An experimental cooking lab? Only you can figure out which path is best for your establishment.

Create your own avatar and level them up across 6 different skill trees with more than 100 abilities to choose from.

Full restaurant management: Create the restaurant’s location and layout, hire the staff, design the menu, and determine the restaurant’s policies.

Customize every aspect of your restaurants: Choose from over 150 different variations for floors and walls, and over 200 appliances and decorations that can be individually placed and colored.

Experiment with a realistic recipe editor: Use the skills and ingredients at your disposal to create one-of-a-kind dishes that are accurately rated by taste and aroma.

Choose your own cooking style: Specialize in meat or seafood, go vegetarian or vegan, or offer a vast selection of spicy or exotic dishes. The choice is yours and the world will react to it accordingly.

Hundreds of events and minor storylines will weave an emergent narrative around your choices and actions.

Extended modding support: Getting tired of the game after playing it for two hundred hours? Thanks to Chef’s mod support, you will never run out of fresh content to enjoy!


Graphics designed by Penge in The Geek Cupboard.

Additional audio:
Music to Delight Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License